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MoKuLa lives in planet BoNuBo which located in the center of the Monoceros Constellation. It is a colorful planet and the capital of the Monoceros Constellation. MoKuLa is an artist. It loves playing with pigments because it believes colors are magical forces. It likes to create new color and add color to each place that it has journeyed through. BTW, it likes to paint with ice cream. MoKuLa is 9.5 inches tall and weighs 0.28 lbs. It is a two-tone color unicorn, Neon Pink / Heather Grey.           

  • Detail:

    • Designed and handmade in Los Angeles.
    • Sustainable fabric.
    • Recycled plastic fiber fill (made from 100% recycled plastic bottles)
    • Color: Neon Pink / Heather Grey
    • Dimension: L 14" x W 3" x H 9.5" 
    • Weight: 0.28 lb