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KaLaKa is from nowhere and it has been everywhere.

KaLaKa is Monuni’s guardian. Its mission is to protect the seed inside of every Monuni. Support and guide Monuni to embrace their true self. One of its top 10 famous quotes is “the most beautiful thing in the galaxy is the differences between everyone.”

KaLaKa is 14 inches tall and weighs 0.37lbs. It is a two-tone color unicorn, Euro Pink / Ivory.

  • Detail:

    • Designed and handmade in Los Angeles.
    • Sustainable fabric.
    • Recycled plastic fiber fill (made from 100% recycled plastic bottles)
    • Color: Euro Pink / Ivory
    • Dimension: L 8" x W 3" x H 14" 
    • Weight: 0.37 lb