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On Monoceros, they believe there’s no talent too small.  


For thousands of years, Monuni have devoted their time and effort to embracing their talent and ensuring Monoceros is the most loving and creative constellation in the galaxy.


Their achievements earn them tremendous respect from other species. And for the first time, Monuni is going to share their secret of success and bring inspiration and confidence to every talented soul in the world.

Photography by
lenne chia




LoveLife Playful Art is an art and lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles, California. It was founded by Pei-Chen Chien in December 2016. At LoveLife Playful Art, we believe every day deserves a little bit of magic. Even Mondays, humpdays, sick days and heartbreak days. We wanted to transform even mundane days into something special – through imagination and art.


After receiving a Master of Fine Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2011, Pei-Chen worked at a small clothing factory in Los Angeles as a pattern maker. While helping other artists to bring their designs to life at the clothing factory, she realized she wanted to be a creator again and share her ideas with the world.

Pei-Chen then started LoveLife Playful Art in December 2016 as a reminder of why she wanted to be an artist at the first place.

Monuni are her first creations after staring LoveLife Playful Art. They represent the idea of loving and embracing your talent is what makes the world beautiful. We hope Monuni brings you as much joy and as many smiles to you as they do to her.

Get to know more about Pei-Chen Chien:

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